The Call

The Call is a forthcoming book co-written by Terry Tillman and myself. When the book has a web site and an online ordering presence, links will appear here. In the meantime, look here for articles inspired by or related to the book.

What is The Call?
Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, John Gray... these are familiar names, well-known for their prominence in the self-help industry. Equally as impactful, but far less well-known, is Terry Tillman, who has been around longer than any of them, has worked with them, and originated many of the techniques and sayings to come out of the personal development business into the mainstream. But unlike them, he has not had a self-help book to bring his name to the greater public.

Until now.


Terry interviewed over seventy influential and inspiring people, most of them fellow luminaries of the self-help business. With myself as co-author, The Call weaves some of those interviews with Terry's teachings and his own astounding story of how he came to listen to his own Call and embark upon a spirit-directed life.